Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Ball Stones & 2 Glasses

This Whiskey Decanter Globe Set is designed with attention to detail, offering a unique and luxurious way to enjoy your favorite whiskey. Here’s what makes this set special:

  1. Globe Decanter Design: The centerpiece of the set is a beautifully crafted globe-shaped decanter. This unique design not only adds a touch of class to your home bar but also allows you to showcase and aerate your whiskey in style.
  2. High-Quality Materials: Made from premium glass, the decanter and glasses are durable and exude a high-quality finish, making them a stylish addition to your glassware collection.
  3. Airtight Seal: The decanter comes with an airtight seal to preserve the rich flavors and aromas of your whiskey, ensuring every sip is as delightful as the first.
  4. Ball Stones: The set includes two whiskey stones shaped like balls. These stones are perfect for chilling your drink without diluting it, allowing you to enjoy your whiskey at its optimal taste.
  5. Elegant Glasses: Along with the decanter, the set includes two matching glasses, designed to complement the globe decanter and enhance your whiskey-tasting experience.
  6. Versatility: The Whiskey Decanter Globe Set is not only functional but also doubles as a stunning decorative piece, adding an air of sophistication to any home bar or display area.
  7. Perfect Gift: This set makes for an impressive and thoughtful gift for whiskey enthusiasts, connoisseurs, or anyone who appreciates elegant glassware.
  8. Ideal for Entertaining: Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or hosting guests, this set is perfect for serving and savoring your favorite whiskey with style.

With the Whiskey Decanter Globe Set with 2 Ball Stones & 2 Glasses, elevate your whiskey-drinking experience to a new level of elegance and refinement. Pour and enjoy your whiskey in the globe decanter, chill it with the unique ball stones, and savor every moment in the matching glasses. Embrace the art of whiskey appreciation with this sophisticated and luxurious set that is sure to impress your guests and enhance your enjoyment of this fine spirit.


  • The decanter is 10.2 inches tall and 4.7 inches in diameter.
  • The glasses are 3.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • The whiskey stones are 1.5 inches in diameter.
  • The set is available in a variety of colors, including clear, blue, and green.

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