Starry Constellation Lock Diary Set Gift Box Aries

Starry Constellation Lock Diary Set Gift Box Aries is a great way to show your Aries pride or to simply add a touch of astrology to your personal style. It is also a thoughtful gift for any Aries in your life.

This set includes a hardcover journal with a starry constellation design, a password lock, two ribbon bookmarks, a peach-shaped inner pocket, and a elastic strap closure. It also comes in a gift box with a pen and tapes.

The journal is made of high-quality paper inside, and the cover is made of animal-friendly leather. It also has 118 pages of lined and plain paper. The perfect place to write down your thoughts, feelings, and dreams.

The password lock keeps your journal safe and secure. You can choose any password you like, so only you will be able to read your journal.

The two ribbon bookmarks are a great way to keep your place in your journal. You can use one bookmark for your current entry and the other bookmark for a future entry.

The peach-shaped inner pocket is a great place to keep small items, such as photos, notes, or keepsakes.

The elastic strap closure keeps your journal closed and secure.

The gift box is a great way to present this set to your loved one. It is also a great way to keep the journal safe and secure when it is not in use.


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