Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator

Achieve effortlessly smooth and silky skin with the Philips Satinelle Essential Compact Hair Removal Epilator, a versatile and efficient device designed for hassle-free hair removal.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient Hair Removal: The Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator efficiently removes hair from the root, providing longer-lasting results compared to traditional methods.
  2. Compact and Portable: Its compact design allows for easy handling and portability, making it an ideal travel companion.
  3. Gentle on Skin: The epilator is designed with gentle tweezing discs that ensure minimal irritation, making the hair removal process comfortable.
  4. Two Speed Settings: The device features two-speed settings, allowing you to choose the optimal speed for different body areas and hair types.
  5. Corded Operation: With corded operation, the epilator offers consistent power throughout use, ensuring uninterrupted hair removal.
  6. Easy to Clean: The epilator’s detachable head is easy to clean under running water, maintaining hygiene and performance.
  7. Ergonomic Design: The ergonomic shape of the Philips Satinelle Essential Epilator provides a comfortable grip and effortless maneuverability.

Experience the convenience of silky-smooth skin with the Philips Satinelle Essential Compact Hair Removal Epilator, a trusted hair removal device that keeps you ready for any occasion.


  • Gentle and effective hair removal
  • Two speed settings for adjustable intensity
  • 21 tweezing discs for even hair removal
  • Sensitive area cap for delicate areas
  • Waterproof for use in the shower or bath

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