MEVECCO Gold Necklace Coin Disc Zodiac Taurus

The MEVECCO Gold Necklace is a jewelry piece designed in the style of a coin disc pendant, and it is associated with the zodiac sign Taurus. The zodiac sign Taurus represents those born between April 20th and May 20th. Taurus is an earth sign and is symbolized by the bull.

The necklace features a gold disc pendant with the Taurus zodiac symbol on it. Gold is a popular choice for jewelry due to its beauty, rarity, and durability. The coin disc style adds a vintage and classic touch to the necklace, making it an elegant and fashionable accessory.

Wearing a zodiac-inspired necklace like this can be a way for someone to express their identity, personality, and connection to their astrological sign. Many people believe that their zodiac sign can influence their traits, preferences, and compatibility with others.

Overall, the MEVECCO Gold Necklace Coin Disc with the Taurus zodiac symbol can be a meaningful and stylish gift for someone born under the Taurus sign or anyone who appreciates astrology and beautiful jewelry.


  • Gold-plated coin pendant with Taurus constellation
  • Simple and elegant design
  • 13mm diameter pendant
  • 19″ – 21″ adjustable chain with lobster clasp
  • Hypoallergenic 14k gold-plated brass
  • Available in other zodiac signs

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